SYRIA. Congratulations to the House of Commons for finally having made a sensible decision for once, and refusing to be dragged at the American's coat-tails yet again into another Middle Eastern imbroglio, the consequences of which are unforeseeable but probably catastrophic, as per Iraq.

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    Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am 58 years old, single (though now co-habiting with two kittens, Samantha and Tabitha) live in Harlow and I am an avid chess player. These facts are not necessarily related. I play for Ilford in the London Chess League, and for Essex in the SCCU County Championships. I am interested in board games generally as well as chess and I used to compete in the London Scrabble League. I used to work for BCM and before that for Chess and Bridge Ltd, and at one time helped run Mind Sports Ltd (a games retail business) which is sadly no longer in being. I am also interested in politics and history. I have a PhD in politics from London Metropolitan University with a thesis on the campaign to abolish capital punishment in Britain. That thesis is the basis of my recently published book: The Politics of the Rope (15 October 2012, Arena, softback, £18.99)


    September 2013